Burlingame Public Library

staircasePacifica was flooded with people today due to Fog Fest. We love festivals, but much like the residents of Half Moon Bay go running during the Pumpkin Festival, Pacifica residents cannot do anything in our little city fog encased city.

I had an assignment to complete today, visit a library. I wanted to view Pacifica Sharp Park Library but I could not get there. There was no parking for 2 miles,and I didn’t feel fighting the crowds. A quick google search and we were off to Burlingame Public Library!

This place is amazing! If you live on the peninsula, get yourself there! It’s a beautiful Spanish style building with dark rich wood shelves and beautiful exposed beams! There is an upstairs patio, and fire place seating. Can I move in? The staff are very helpful and friendly. There’s this super sweet little old lady, Connie, that works there, you should most definitely stop by to say “hi.”

For everyone with a slight (read: major) obsession with nerdy things: there is a section of books dedicated to Star Trek! Oh hey Spock, how are you doing handsome? Spock

From the nerdout moment, to something as basic as the entrance, this library says “welcome, grab a book, magazine or paper and have a seat.” I felt if I sat down on one of the beautiful chairs, Alfred would bring me tea.

If you have a chance, stop by and have a sit, maybe Alfred will be on call that day…



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